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"Together with my team we enable your mobility every day. Our number one priority is the needs and safety of our customers, and that is what drives us to constantly improve our services, and innovate for a sustainable future using new technologies."
Frank Schilling
CEO Bollig Mobility Group

In 2020, Bollig Mobility Group became the umbrella brand of the family business Bollig Voyages S.A., which has been operating for over 74 years now. We are passionate about providing an inclusive mobility and travel service that caters to everyone, including those with reduced mobility or special needs.

The origins of the company Bollig Voyages S.A. dates back to the 1930s, when Pierre Bollig noticed there were many needs in the field of transport. It was during the post-war period that his small company experienced a real boom. Due to considerable damages caused by the Second World War, and the subsequent reconstruction work required, the company began to grow. Pierre Bollig started the first bus service in order to supply the mobility needs of the local population.

Bollig Voyages has developed over the last decades into one of the most important market players and partners in mobility in Luxembourg. With the acquisition of the bus company Voyages Wagener in 2012 and the take-over of Voyages Simon in 2018, Bollig Voyages has extended its service area in the western and northern parts of the country and strenghted its market position.

After a national market success, the expansion to Germany followed. In 2019, together with their partner Voyages Emile Weber, Bollig Voyages won a tender on the German public transportation market and set-up a new company called Tempus Mobil GmbH. With this important milestone, Bollig extended its service area and strengthened its market position against its competitors.

Last but not least, Bollig Mobility Group also operates two travel agencies in Echternach under the name of Bollig Tours.

The logical step to the structural repositioning as a group resulted from the companys growth over the last years and increased demand on a modern mobility solutions.

Through the creation of the Bollig Mobility Group, managed by Frank Schilling (3rd generation of the Schilling family), we are optimally positioned to look at a flexible and innovative future, even after more than 70 years.

From the first diesel bus to sustainable mobility.

New electric depot and the future of mobility

It is our social responsibility and priority to meet the national goals of the e-mobility policy. From 2025, each new bus in Luxembourg needs to be electric in order to be allowed to operate in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. And by 2030, the entire bus fleet in our country will have been converted to more environmentally friendly e-buses.

We have always been an innovative company at the forefront of new technology, and in 2019 we built our own electric depot in Fridhaff. In doing so we already have reached an important milestone on the way to sustainable mobility, and are well prepared for the challenges of the future. We know that new technologies are key, and we are proud of contributing to emission-free mobility for all passengers in our country.

Our mission is mobility for all.

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Our commitment

As a major player in the passenger transportation sector, we are committed to creating value for the communities we serve and the society. That is why we introduced a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) governance system, which is made up of a CSR Committee and works with a sustainable development strategy. We are also committed to support local authorities and initiatives in the implementation of their mobility projects, and conduct regular surveys in order to stay close to customer requirements and any social developments.

Our engagement program revolves around three key factors:

Our mission for climate change

We understand the importance of responsibility when it comes to climate change. To show our commitment, we have defined four priorities to our business:

We are certified.